Learning Management Platform

On-demand e-learning.

Client: Good e-Learning
Platform: Web App
Duration: 18 Months
Year: 2016

I was very impressed with Simon’s slick, clean and contemporary style. A really friendly, down to earth guy with a great eye for design, coupled with a strong software skill set.

Dale Titterton

Motion Designer at Daley Graphics

The Problem

Good e-Learning produce business and IT e-learning courses, but they were sold on a one-off basis, and required a great deal of client management from the Good e-Learning sales team. We wanted to make it easier for users to buy courses, as well as to improve the user experience by enabling users to track their progression as well as that of their staff.

The Team and Our Tools

I was the sole designer, working within an Agile Scrum team with five developers and a product manager.

I used Axure RP Pro for the wireframe mapping, and Sketch to design the prototypes. The app was built using Node.js for the backend, AngularJS with Bootstrap 3 for the frontend.

The Good e-Learning team at the Christmas party

The Discovery Phase

We worked with a few key clients to help us understand how courses are used within big companies. We learned how the HR department manages the training budget, including how and when it is distributed to the heads of department.

We followed heads of department to help us to understand how we could make their job easier. They were expected to report on the progress of the staff quarterly, and were often doing this manually.

Overcoming the Problem

With the CTO, we mapped the complex relationships between users (employees, managers, and HR mangers), all with different needs. We began to build a SaaS Learning Management System which would reduce the client management needed to sell courses, but also to improve the experience for students/employees, and to increase transparency on course progression to their managers.

The Final Outcome

The Academy is now used by many blue chip companies worldwide to manage their internal training programmes.

It is a Learning Management System (LMS) which hosts e-learning courses to buy, assign and complete, as well as access to relevant resources to view and download.

As well as accessing the e-learning as a single user, The Academy supports company and team management. This includes assigning licences, detailed reporting, and gamification between users.