Simon Mauro Guido

Simon Mauro Guido

Product Designer in London, UK


A creative problem solver and design thinker - I look to solve complex problems with simple, ethical solutions. I create insight-led, human-centred products. I am a featured writer for The UX Collective and a mentor for junior designers.

I’ve worked with a number of SaaS startups - leading the user experience, setting ui patterns, frameworks and component libraries, and working directly with development teams to build quickly scalable platforms. I also have experience working in design teams as part of a larger product team - working with a product manager following strict scrum practices, and using and updating existing component libraries and frameworks.


Cyber Security Learning Platform

Magnetic Rock

End-to-End Estimating Software


I created a design system and component library from scratch, and looked to unify and improve the existing platforms into a single, usable journey for electrical estimators.

Workshop Facilitation Print Dialogue


I looked at why the print interface was under performing and worked on a solution which was more discoverable and intuitive to use.



Working with one of the top design agencies in Italy, I designed an iOS app to connect dog breeders with potential buyers.



Working with one of the biggest names in e-learning, I developed an improved course and team analytics platform.

Live Streaming Presentation Platform

Glisser LIVE

I immersed myself as an AV technician to come up with a remote and hybrid event steaming solution. Winner of 'Best Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform', and 'Best Hybrid Event or Live Streaming Solution'.

Interactive Presentation Platform and Audience App


I designed an interactive presentation platform, in a bid to make presentations more engaging whilst providing valuable data to event managers.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Product Designer
Magnetic Rock
2020 — 2022
Head of Design

The first UX professional at an ambitious SaaS startup, aiming to modernise the construction industry with intelligent automation. I worked closely with industry specialists to create a unified experience across Countfire’s full suite of products, looking at typical user journeys and by implementing a shared component library across all products.

2016 — 2020
Head of Design

Working in a quickly growing team for a highly driven, Microsoft-backed SaaS startup. I worked with the development team to design and build hugely scalable platforms, defining patterns and processes along the way.

2013 — 2016
Senior Product Designer
Orbus Software

Working within a large product team on an established Enterprise Architecture platform, I used and improved upon existing component libraries and design patterns. I worked on updates and feature requests on the existing platform, and contributed to the design of their upcoming online-only solution.

For their smaller, sister-company (Good e-Learning) I led the design on the creation of a custom learning management platform with in-depth team and user analytics.

2011 — 2012
Senior Designer
Design by Mito
2008 — 2011
Graphic Designer
Bilstein Group
2008 — 2008
Junior Designer
Dewberry Redpoint


2022 — 2022
Creativity, Problem Solving and Design Thinking
University of Cambridge
2019 — 2019
Designing for Voice (VUX)
UX Academy
2003 — 2007
BSc (Hons) Product Design and Innovation
University of Portsmouth


Best Virtual & Hybrid Event Platform

Virtual Events Institute

Best Hybrid Event or Live Streaming Solution

Event Tech Awards

Right First Time

Bilstein Group


Fundamental Principles of Design
Springpod Virtual Work Experience

I gave a talk to design students on what helped me to kick off my career in design, and the things I wish I'd known when I started.

The Importance of Design Portfolios
Springpod Virtual Work Experience

I spoke to design students about common mistakes when putting together a design portfolio, and I gave them an insight into exactly what employers look for.

Live Streaming and Hybrid Events
BNC Event Show

I gave a keynote about my journey learning to live stream events, and the growing importance in 'going hybrid'.



I took a look at the growing problem of manipulative, unethical design, and what we can do to become more ethical designers.


Some love it, some hate it. I took a look at some of the reasons why Material Design isn't always such a bad idea.


2021 — 2021
Design Mentor